A new home?

I’ve been playing interactive fiction (IF) for about five years now, and since 2009 I’ve enjoyed being a judge in the annual IFComp. I’ve been writing reviews of games as I played them, posting them on the LiveJournal that I started in high school.

LiveJournal was good back in the day – a definite step up from the Diaryland diary I kept in 1999 or so! – but I don’t think it really suits my needs well anymore. The breaking point is that I found just about all the free themes ugly, unreadable, or both. Not to mention that “runnerchild” was a good username for a high school senior keeping track of her cross-country workouts, but not for an IF reviewer who goes on a run about twice a year…

Therefore, I’m trying out WordPress. We’ll see how this goes.

I plan to finish reviewing the games I played for the 2013 comp. If WordPress works for me, I’ll copy over at least the 2013 reviews and perhaps some of the older ones.