IFComp 2017: return to form?

On October 1, 2016, the games were released for the 22nd annual Interactive Fiction Competition.

On October 1, 2016, I also went into labor.

So… I didn’t play a single comp game last year, let alone blog about them. I was a bit busy. (I did do a heck of a lot of crosswords in the last year, though. You can solve crosswords on your phone while holding a sleeping baby with the other arm!) I haven’t even played the comp winner, Detectiveland, even though the author is one of my favorites – his Hamlet – The Text Adventure was the very first IF I ever ever played, something like 15 years ago.

For that matter, I’m still a bit busy. Wonderfully, joyfully, hectically, stressfully busy. Being a mom is fantastic and also take up pretty much all previously-free time. But I miss IF, so I’m going to give this a go. I’m rather glad that there are 80 (wowza!) games in the competition this year, because that means that even if I was still childless I wouldn’t have a hope of playing all of them in the judging period – so I don’t need to feel bad about not getting through all of them.

I’m also not going to try for extensive, deep-dive reviews of the games I do play. But I plan to putĀ something here. It’s nice to feel like I can be both a mom and all the things I was before.

So… see you soon?


A new home?

I’ve been playing interactive fiction (IF) for about five years now, and since 2009 I’ve enjoyed being a judge in the annual IFComp. I’ve been writing reviews of games as I played them, posting them on the LiveJournal that I started in high school.

LiveJournal was good back in the day – a definite step up from the Diaryland diary I kept in 1999 or so! – but I don’t think it really suits my needs well anymore. The breaking point is that I found just about all the free themes ugly, unreadable, or both. Not to mention that “runnerchild” was a good username for a high school senior keeping track of her cross-country workouts, but not for an IF reviewer who goes on a run about twice a year…

Therefore, I’m trying out WordPress. We’ll see how this goes.

I plan to finish reviewing the games I played for the 2013 comp. If WordPress works for me, I’ll copy over at least the 2013 reviews and perhaps some of the older ones.