[IF Comp 2017] Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is a Glux game by John Demeter.


There is no blurb, just a note that the game will take 15 minutes or less to play. This is accurate. I think I finished in under 10 minutes.

You can play Rainbow Bridge here or download it from the comp website.

Review after the cut.

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[IF Comp 2017] Land of the Mountain King

This isn’t an actual review of Land of the Mountain King by Kenneth Pedersen, because I can’t play it. It’s an ADRIFT 5 game, which can only be played by downloading ADRIFT 5 or via a Windows executable file. And ADRIFT 5 only works on Windows, also. The ADRIFT site suggested I could also perhaps download Mono, which seems to be an emulator of some kind, but it mentioned that this was untested for the Mac version of Mono.

At this point, it became too complicated for me, especially since the game sounds like it focuses on random combat, which is not really my jam. Sorry, Kenneth Pedersen. It’s not personal.

If you ARE into random combat, and DO own a Windows machine (or are more tolerant of fiddling with new software than I am), you can find Land of the Mountain King here.

[IF Comp 2017] The Murder in the Fog

The Murder in the Fog is a browser-playable, choice-based story by Xiao Ru.


On a freezing night,the classroom was surrounded by fog.A girl sent you a wired picture ,saying that she’s in danger and ask for your help. She was the one you had affection with. What would you do ?

You can play the game online here, though the author recommends “Please download this game for the best experience.”

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[IF Comp 2017] Ultimate Escape Room: IF City

Ultimate Escape Room: IF City is a Glux game by Mark Stahl.

Ultimate Escape Room Cover

You and your friends have fallen into the escape room craze that has swept the country in recent years. You love the feeling of living out a real life adventure game. You’ve made plans with your friends to try out a local escape room that has recently opened, but your friends have all stood you up. You’ve decided to attempt to escape the room on your own.

Prepare yourself for a somewhat surreal “escape the room” type experience. Do you have the wits necessary to find your way to the end of “The Wizard’s Rainbow”? You have two hours to make your escape…

You can play it online here or download it from the comp website.

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[IF Comp 2017] Haunted P

Haunted P is a Glux game by Chad Rocketman.

Discover fascinating minature worlds…. interact with an intricately modeled NPC…. discover the secret of the magical substance, P, and how it became to be haunted….

Note: the blurb from the game is the least accurate one I’ve ever encountered.

I don’t recommend this game, but if you like, you can play it here or download it from the comp website.

Review after the cut.

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