GROWBOTICS is a browser-based piece by Cha Holland.

Cover art from GROWBOTICS by Cha Holland

A new generation in construction and creativity is finally here! No matter who you are GROWBOTICS will help you channel your inner artist.
A short exploration of invention, expectation, learning and context.
Minimal use of sound. Internet Explorer and mobile browsers are not fully supported.

You can play it here until the comp ends.

Review after the cut.

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[IFComp 2015] Much Love, BJP

Much Love, BJP: Examining Gender and War through Interactive Fiction is a very short Twine piece by Megan Stevens.

Much Love, BJP by Megan Stevens

A brief look at the life of a fictional war correspondent. “Much Love: BJP” was showcased to a limited audience at the Hope College Celebration for Undergraduate Research.

Review after the cut.

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[IFComp 2015] The Man Who Killed Time

The Man Who Killed Time, by Claudia Doppioslash, is an online story that uses the inkle interface. You can read it here.

Cover art from

In the shabby, dusty office, just overlooking one of the least busy streets in town, sat the Detective owner of the establishment. You wouldn’t think it by looking at his head, as usual lowered as to almost touch his desk while perusing some paper or other, that this man, yes, actually this man, had killed Time.

Or will kill Time.

Or is killing Time, this very moment (the ordering is always the trickiest bit).

Notes: – English is not my first language. – While I was writing it, I realised its nature is more that of a non-branching story, but I wanted to have an entry at IFComp and I could use the feedback anyway, so here it is.

Review after the cut.

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[IFComp 2015] Nowhere Near Single

Nowhere Near Single is a Twine work by kaleidofish.

Nowhere Near Single cover art by kaleidofish

A young woman new to the entertainment industry struggles with harmonizing her public pop star persona and her private polyamorous life. Warning for mildly graphic content.

You can find Nowhere Near Single here until the comp ends.

Review with spoilers after the cut.

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[IFComp 2015] In the Friend Zone

In the Friend Zone, by Brandan Vance, is a hyperlink story/game. It is online here.

Cover art for

A horror-parody in the tradition of Franz Kafka. Many regard ‘the friend zone’ as a metaphorical penal colony in which well-intentioned Nice Guys™ frequently find themselves trapped. But what if it were a physical penal colony?

And what if you became stuck in there with the Nice Guys™?

Review, with spoilers, after the cut.

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[IFComp 2015] Paradise

Paradise has actually been withdrawn from the competition because it turns out it had been publicly released before the comp. I didn’t find out about this until I’d been playing it for a while, though, so I’m writing about it anyway.

Paradise was created by Devine Lu Linvega and is online here. It is unlike any IF I’ve experienced before – a sandbox fiction, like Wikipedia meets Twine, all wrapped up in a dreamlike aesthetic. I found it bewildering and beautiful at first, then enthralling.

I don’t think there’s really such a thing as a spoiler for Paradise, but I’m putting the rest of this behind a cut simply for length.

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[IFComp 2015] Seeking Ataraxia

Seeking Ataraxia is a browser-based work by Glass Rat Media. (Despite the name sounding like a company, from the website I think the piece was created by just one person.)

Cover art for Seeking Ataraxia by Glass Rat Media

A simulation of what it’s like to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, balancing life, relationships and neurosis on your quest toward peace.

It is a Twine-like format where the reader clicks on hyperlinks in the text to progress to the next page, sometimes choosing between several options. It is a short piece; I finished exploring it in about half an hour.

A review, with spoilers, behind the cut.

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