[IFComp 2013] 100,000 years

100,000 years is a very short hypertext piece by Pierre Chevalier. I recommend you experience it here before reading the rest of my review, below the cut. (It will only take you a few minutes.)

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[IFComp 2013] Who Among Us

Who Among Us is a web story with some choice-based interaction, coded in Twine/Twee. It is written by Tia Orisney, who also entered Blood on the Heather into the comp. The story is inspired by Agatha Christie’s classic mystery novel, And Then There Were None. (I have to pause to recommend And Then There Were None for a moment. It was the first Agatha Christie mystery I ever read, and remains one of my favorites.)

I found Who Among Us much more to my liking than Blood on the Heather, though it also had some issues. I’ll discuss in more detail after the cut. You can find the piece itself here.

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[IFComp 2013] Robin & Orchid

Robin & Orchid is a parser-based game by Ryan Veeder and Emily Boegheim. You can download it here or play it online here (at least for now; I don’t know how long the comp website will keep hosting the games).

Now that the comp is over, I don’t have the same qualms about expressing an opinion outside of the review. I recommend this game pretty strongly to fans of parser-based IF, and especially to anyone who – like me – was in a church youth group in middle or high school.

A not-too-spoiler-y review is below the cut, and then (after some space) more spoileriffic discussion. I am shamelessly stealing this format from Em Short, though I make no pretense of my reviews being as strong as hers.

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[IFComp2013] Blood On the Heather

This review was originally published on Livejournal.

Blood On the Heather, by T. Orisney, is a choice-based story written in Twine. (I have borrowed the phrase “choice-based story” from Emily Short, as it describes pieces like this much better than the terms I came up with.) It is available online here.

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