[IFComp 2015] Onaar – technical difficulties

Onaar, by Robert DeFord, looks like an interesting game:

Go to Onaar and become an Alchemist. Learn to make potions that allow you to survive and thrive in a dynamic, open-ended game world. Will you elevate your skills and vanquish the rogue wizard who threatens that world, or will you die trying? Download includes interpreters for Windows and Mac.

However, I can’t get it to work. The interpreter that was included is a patched version of Gargoyle, but my MacBook Pro couldn’t open it at all. (I didn’t get a more specific error than that, or any options – just “The application can’t be opened.” Changing my security settings to allow apps downloaded from “Anywhere” had no effect.)

I was able to open the game with the version of Gargoyle that I already had, but the game acted buggy when I tried to talk to the kindly priest, then crashed when I tried to tell someone my name. As I was only three turns in at that point, I gave up.

If anyone else out there with a Mac has managed to run this game, I’d love to hear how you managed it. Until then, though, I can’t review or judge it.


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