Intermission: PataNoir on new platforms!

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled* 2015 comp reviews with this breaking news:

Simon Christiansen’s PataNoir, which took fifth place in the 2011 IFComp, has been released for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. I loved this wordplay detective game when I played it in the comp, and I’m excited to see how it’s translated to a new medium. I’m also excited to share it around with various friends who are more likely to play an iPad game than a parser-based text adventure.

I’ll stay focused on this year’s comp for now, but now I know what I’ll be playing on November 16.

*I won’t claim these reviews are in any way occurring regularly, but I do PLAN to write them regularly. So that’s like scheduling them regularly, right? Roads, good intentions, &c., I know.


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