October, at last

This afternoon was TOO LONG.

I made it through faculty meeting staying focused, but I did not stick around to tidy my classroom. I did not stop by the library on the way home (the books are already overdue). I did not stop by the pet store (I have enough turtle food for another couple days). I did stop by the grocery store to buy a few things I HAD to have, but I was increasingly put out by the fact that I was there. I have not made any dinner for myself even though it is dinnertime (there’s leftover brown rice in the fridge which I will eventually raid).

But finally, FINALLY, I am sitting in my green chair with my laptop. There’s a glass of white wine next to me. I have, literally, let my hair down. And I am ABOUT TO OPEN THE FIRST GAME OF THE 2014 INTERACTIVE FICTION COMPETITION.

At bloody last.

(You, too, can play the IFComp games – and judge them! Just wander on over here and you’ll find everything you need.)


One thought on “October, at last

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